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this is me... take it or leave it...

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music of the moment :: playable

  1. 100 Years :: Five for Fighting... good song, great arrangement, fun to play during chapel band!
  2. He is exalted :: Praise and Worship... I'll be playing this one for corination... ex-ci-ting!!!
  3. Hello :: Evanescence... ok on the piano, but awesome lyrics... "don't try to fix me, I'm not broken..."
  4. Everytime :: Britney Spears... I can proudly say that I figured it out all on my own!!!  Left and right hand! hehe!
  5. White Houses :: Vanessa Carlton... great song.  period.
  6. Ordinary Day :: Vanessa Carlton... beautiful piano part.  i could do one measure for hours and not get bored.
  7. Clocks :: Coldplay... amazing piano part.  i love it.
  8. What a Wonderful World :: Louis Armstrong... "and i think to myself... what a wonderful world..."  what a great song!

I love piano!!!