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this is me... take it or leave it...

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shoutouts to my guys and gals

Mom:  even though we've had our rough, rocky times I will love you forever!
Alissa: my main girl, my best friend... I love - and will love - you forever!  We've been through so much together... it's been 11 years now!  Hehe this sounds like we're married!  But seriously, you have no idea how much you mean to me!
Kelsea: my wonderful cousin... I have to say though, I would consider us friends more than cousins... the cousins part it just an added bonus!  I love spending time with you on all of our shopping trips and cabin times with me, you, and Lissa!  You are so awesome!
Shawn:  you are the best sister I could ask for!  You give me something wonderful to look up to and I love you so much!  Sorry I don't come up to Bemidji more!
Emily:  wow, you are one of my bestest bestest friends ever... looking back through the years gives me so many memories!  Like, omigoodness... I know we'll be friends forever and I love you so much!
Kelsey:  you rock.  Seriously, you've been there for me for our talks about... things... like I don't know what I would do without you!  I love you so much!
Jenni:  you are so beautiful.  We've stayed friends for a long time now... and I know it'll stay that way.  I love you so much!  We have so many memories!
Crystal: I can't believe I wasted so many years not knowing you!  You are so awesome... I love how you're never afraid to ask me... anything!  I love you so much and we really need to do more together!
Tiffany:  my boppssee twin... you are such a great friend!  Wow we have a lot of inside jokes... I could go on for, like, ever!
Allie:  oh i love you so much!  I can't even tell you how great you are!  I'm glad we're friends and I could trust you with anything... seriously anything... thanks for always being ther for me, it really means a lot!
Alyssa:  hehe i love you sexy hotdish!  You make cheerleading so much fun!  You are so so so so so awesome!
Lisi:  I love yu so much and I'll always be here for you!  No matter what.  You are so awesome!
Kaylee:  ahhh, we still have to go shopping!  chapel band is so fun with you!  I love you so much!
Molly:  you are adorable...  you make me laugh so much with your cute monkey faces and rearranging your m and m's... i love getting to know you!
Chrissy:  I love you and I hope you never leave me!  Wednesday buddy!
Bethany:  you and your awesome songs rock!  i love that you always have a smile on your face!  cutie pie!  love you!
Missy:  you are so hott!  hehe!  we have wayyyy too many inside jokes... every kiss begins with k... our awesome laser binoculars... and many many more!  i love you!
Jenna:  your so fun!  i love getting to know you this year!  going to nd was fun... meeting ryan... er, i mean, bryan!!! hehe!  love you!
Aunie:  i'm like the only who still calls you that, but now it's weird to say ANDREA... i dunno, anyway, your such a fun girl and we really need to get together more!  I love you!
Dad:  you are the coolest funnest dad ever.  I love your corniness, even if mom doesn't!  I wanna marry a man just like you!
Jason:  I love hanging out with you!  We always have so much fun!  I love our talks and how deep they are... good stuff!
Mike:  man, you are so cool!  I'm so glad your at mca!  Can you believe we've known eachother for like 11 years!  Wow... and many more to come!
Danny:  hey, even though you made me cry in 5th grade, we can still be friends... hehe!  Wednesdays are so fun with you and Chrissy and Trent driving to Taco Bell playing switcharoo in the backseat!  Lot's of good memories... like you whispering... uhhh... something in my ear... and now I dont' even flinch, just so you know!
Trent:  you really need to come back to MCA k?  last year was so much fun (see danny's memories)... you always make me laugh!
Galen:  I miss you so much!  You need to call me agian!  I think I took our friendship for granted because you were always there and now you're not... come back! 
David:  the cabin was fun huh?  Even though Shawn through you off the tube... it's all good right?  right.
Cameron:  I havent' talked to you too much this year... but we've had enough good times to last a while... neighbor!
Matt:  Mr. Matt, triple m, locker buddy.  Your so fun!  Only we don't have that many classes this year, and we're like 5 lockers apart... and i still don't know your combo!  boo, but your awesome man!
Nate:  man you are so funny!  I'm so glad you came back this year!
Drew:  just cause your at the bottom doesn't mean i love you any less!  i'm so glad you're at mca this year!  all of our wednesday excursions are so fun! 
The order these are in means NOTHING...
I'm still working on adding pics to everyones...
I'm truely sorry if I forgot anyone... if I did, let me know!
I just got a digital camera for my birthday so i'll add pics to more peoples!

my special friends...